About Us

about-usWelcome to Wilde City, a metropolis of male fiction brimming with the best in Gay Male Romance, Gay Male Erotica and Gay Male Mainstream books; a place inhabited by the most talented writers in the industry whose page-turning tales will make you laugh, cry and beg for more!

From stories of romance and desire, to thrills and spills, you’ll experience all the fun and fantasy, all the suspense and steaminess, of a city that only sleeps when you do.

You’ll find stories of Gay Romance on just about every corner of Wilde City. Look out for those lingering gazes between strangers as they pass by on the Boulevard of Hopeless Romantics, or book a table at Wilde City’s Gay Rainbow Room and watch someone’s fingers brush against the hand of a man longing to be kissed. Yes, in a city this big, romance is everywhere.

But many other gay worlds exist within Wilde City. Walk through the cobblestone alleys of the Old Docklands and you’re sure to stumble across something that will chill you to the bone. Venture through the haunted mansions of the old Parisian Quarter and you might catch a glimpse of a handsome ghost, or powerful werewolf, or a vampire hungry for your blood. Or perhaps you’d prefer a laugh with the gay characters you’ll meet on Vaudeville Avenue as they bumble their way through life looking for Mr. Right… or Mr. Right Now! Or buy yourself a ticket to gay adventure atop Wilde City’s Empire Tower and board the Wilde World Airship for an action-packed trip of a lifetime!

Then again, if you’ve come to Wilde City for action of a different kind, welcome to a city teeming with Gay Erotica. You’ll find sex in almost every back alley and respectable dive in Wilde City’s notoriously naughty Pink Light District. Or for something that’s sure to turn you on, visit Mr. Charlie Harding’s exclusive black-label sex soiree, ‘Charlie Harding Presents’… because why not get the best in Gay Erotica from the Expert!

It’s time to go Wilde... this City is calling!



Submission Guidelines for Wilde City Press

Wilde City Press publishes multiple genres of fiction featuring gay male protagonists under one of several separate and distinct ‘lines’ all available from a single site. We currently accept submissions for publication in print and electronic formats including both e-books and audio books.

Our 3 major lines or base categories include:

Each of our new releases will fit into one of those three base categories and will then include any other sub-genre tags from there. As an example, a contemporary story like To Catch a Fox, that doesn’t necessarily follow the ‘rules of romance’ would be categorized under the Mainstream category, but since it does include a strong romantic storyline it would then be tagged with a Romance subgenre, along with Mystery, Thriller, Action, etc. To the consumer on our site, they’ll see that it isn’t a traditional romance but it does feature elements of such and readers can then make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase.

While we want to allow authors the final word on what sort of book they intend to publish, they can’t have it both ways. If a book doesn’t fit into the ‘rules of romance’ (HEA, HFN, Cheating, etc.) then we will not market it as Romance. The book will have to be published under the mainstream umbrella with a romance subgenre tag where fitting.

We do require our published titles to feature one or more gay male protagonists; however, we do not limit our titles to ONLY featuring gay male protagonists. In addition to one or more gay male protagonists, manuscripts may also feature characters representing the full GLBTQ spectrum as well as our straight allies.

We publish single titles from 12k words on up and will issue paperback print-on-demand for titles between 50k – 130k words.

Anthologies, Series & Re-releases:

Wilde City Press will accept one or more previously published manuscripts from a single author that meet the above guidelines, assuming the author is willing to also submit at least one unpublished manuscript of equal or greater length within a 2 year time frame.

We welcome Series proposals as well as Serials which meet our submission guidelines.

We also welcome Anthology proposals that meet the above guidelines.

While Wilde City doesn’t wish to make blanket denials over specific topics as there are typically exceptions to nearly every rule, if topics such as rape or sex between minors are included within the pages of your manuscript, it should be integral to plot or characterization and should not be described for the sole purpose of arousing the reader.

We do not publish categorized Young Adult at this time. Because we do sell Erotica from the WCP site, we do feel it appropriate to also market to a Young Adult audience. That being said, we do not require that all submissions include on-page erotic content.

If you are interested in sending Wilde City a manuscript please submit the following proposal package:

You may email your proposal package directly to

We do not accept simultaneous submissions. We do not wish to waste any authors time and sincerely appreciate the same respect and consideration from the authors submitting their work to us. If you decide to submit to WCP please make sure you do not send your manuscript to any other publishers before or during the time we have it under review. We will make every effort to get back to you within a 4 week time frame.

If you do not receive confirmation that we have received your submission proposal within seven days, please e-mail a second inquiry to

If you have not heard back from us within four weeks after confirmation that your submission has been received, please inquire by e-mailing