Hank Edwards

Hank Edwards is a curious mix of practical realist and feral dreamer. He is a fan of absurd comedy, cases in point, the sizzling and hilarious Charlie Heggensford Fluffers, Inc. Series, and Plus Ones, his rom-com, as well as mystery and suspense such as his Up to Trouble series. His love of chills and thrills prompted him to create the Venom Valley series, now available from Wilde City Press. No matter what genre he is dabbling in, however, Hank tries to keep things steamy and heartfelt. He was born and still lives in a northwest suburb of the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, where he shares a home with his partner of over 17 years and their two cats, who hope you buy lots of his books so they can upgrade their kitty condo. Like him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/hankedwardsbooks or http://www.facebook.com/venomvalleyseries and follow him on Twitter (@hanksbooks) to become a true “Hankie.”

: jammed packed
: fast and funny
: funny as hell
: 5 Stars for Wicked Reflection
: Rainbow Book Reviews raves of Wicked Reflections

Destiny’s Bastard
Plus Ones
Holed Up
Shacked Up
Roughed Up
Fluffers, Inc.
A Carnal Cruise
Vancouver Nights
Hired Muscle
A Very Dirty Dozen
Another Very Dirty Dozen



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And The Prompt Is… Road Trip
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Hard Working Men: Gay Erotic Stories
Hot Cops: Gay Erotic Stories
Riding the Rails: Locomotive Lust and Carnal Cabooses
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Tales from the Den: Wild and Weird Stories for Bears
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