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Please note our review Policy:

  • Any Advanced Reader Copies will be given as PDF ARCs or read-only doc files.
  • A choice of PDF, MOBI, or EPUB is available after a title’s official release, please specify you preference in your request.
  • A reviewer caught pirating ebooks or sharing Wilde City releases with anyone not associated with their publication will be immediately removed from the approved reviewers list.
  • When publishing your review, please honor the title’s official release date unless previously receiving permission from Wilde City Press and/or the author of the book.
  • When publishing your review, please hide spoilers or post a clear spoiler warning if your review includes spoilers.
  • When publishing your review, please DO include all your thoughts/comments/pros/cons/likes/dislikes.
  • When publishing your review, please DO NOT include an event-by-event summary of the story unless it relates directly to your analysis.
  • When publishing your review, please be respectful of the author, other readers, and Wilde City Press.

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