A Wilde City Interview with Charlie Harding by Patrick Darcy …. JPBarnaby.com

[Patrick Darcy]: What kinda guys most floats your boat?
Charlie: I like masculine men, usually a shaved head, tattoos and facial hair. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean or Spanish step to the front of the line… Hence my super sexual attraction to my partner Scotty Rage, he’s mostly Spanish and Irish with a touch of Native American… and you?
Patrick: I have to admit I love fit men. You can be fit and muscular or fit and lean. But you need to be fit! Having said that, I do love big muscle tops that are really just repressed ‘bottoms’. I’m sure you know the type? I can just imagine pinning their big tattooed bodies down and teaching them to embrace their inner power bottom…
[Patrick Darcy]: OK, Spot quiz: Rugby guys or US Football guys?
Charlie: Definitely rugby. The shorts are shorter, there’s less equipment to hide the sexy bodies and they tend to be rougher around the edges.
Patrick: Of course, I agree with you, rugby players are way hotter. Smarter too. Rugby is all about the brain.

Read the full interview HERE.

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