Behind Men Behind Bars, an excerpt from Mark Abramson …. Bay Area Reporter

In the memoir, For My Brothers, Mark Abramson discuses a Men Behind Bars, an AIDS benefit variety show he was involved with in 1983-94 with his friend, Jim Cvitanich.

In the winter of 1983-84, Jim Cvitanich had an idea to put on an AIDS benefit variety show featuring area bartenders, since so many of them were frustrated performers. Divine had been in town with a play called Women Behind Bars at the Alcazar Theatre, so Jim decided we should call our show Men Behind Bars. He told me that ever since we had worked together on the Mr. Drummer contests at the Russian River, he thought I’d be the perfect person to help him put together this one-night show, and we decided to make it a benefit for Shanti. Somehow that one night turned into ten years of my life.

“But to have no talent is not enough!” is a line from Gypsy, Jim’s favorite musical. He decided to use that as part of the show, so we rewrote the lyrics to “You Gotta Get a Gimmick” and put together a take-off on the song with himself and two other sexy bartenders demonstrating what made their bartending skills special.

Read the full excerpt HERE

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