Charlie, Rentboy Inspiration: Hot little Eli Lewis …. JP Barnaby

“Hustlaball 2012 was an interesting trip for me on a few levels, from landing to find I had no hotel room, to being on the VIP list as a sponsor, to watching one of by closest friends have sex on stage not five feet from me, it was a trip. That was also the weekend I met Eli Lewis, a real-life New York City rentboy. My first glimpse of him, at Adonis where we hung out the night before the event, he wore a miniscule jock, and a harness made of chains. He was being led on a leash by @KinkyCody, who I found equally interesting, but that is a post for another day. Eli was beautiful and sweet, and rather affectionate, but it wasn’t until we got back to our everyday lives that we started to talk.” —- JP Barnaby, on her blog

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