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Geoff: Hey everyone! First of all, thanks for having us, Elisa. Eric and I are both big fans and we’re honored to be here. Secondly, some of you might be thinking this is a bit weird having Geoff—who co-owns Wilde City with Ethan Day and Adrian Nicholas—interview Eric Arvin who is the author of a book that Wilde City is publishing! Do publishers normally interview their own authors? The answer is no, not normally. Which is kind of why we’re doing it now. I’m very new to this publishing game, but I’m not new to being published and in my experience there’s never really that nice, calm moment when publisher and author can sit down for a chat about the book. By the time all the contracts, content editing, line editing, proofing, layouts, formatting, cover art, marketing and approvals are all said and done, you suddenly realize you never got that chance to sit down and discuss the book as though you were going for drinks with friends after a movie to hatch theories and have debates and dissect everything there is to dissect. So this is that chat… Eric, thanks for joining me!

Eric: Thanks for inviting me along, Geoff! I’m a big fan of Elisa’s site. And of course any time I get to talk to you is the highlight of my day ;-) Why, I remember at GRL last year, while drinking way too much in the casino at Hard Rock, being surprised with a kiss on the cheek by someone I had yet to meet in person. You! And you were more inebriated than I was! Ah, good times…

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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