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Some of the nicest comments I’ve received so far from readers of 6 Days to Valentine has been the wish that the book was longer. It’s a sentiment that I’ve shared many a time upon finishing the last lines of a favorite book. And I’m happy to say, at least in the case of 6 Days to Valentine, I can offer some relief. I’m currently working on the sequel—6 Days to Get Lucky.  This will be the next book in a series that will follow Nick’s evolution as a character over the coming year. While each story will be themed to various holidays, they will all mark a week in Nick’s life. Hopefully, by the time New Year’s rolls around Nick will have his…well, let’s say ‘act’ together. It’s an interesting writing challenge—attempting to recreate the magic of the first story—happily there are many entertaining side characters to work with. I just hope FatBoy has enough patience to survive.

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