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From William’s blog:

Ethan has been so uptight lately; I wish he would talk about what’s bothering him.  I didn’t know if he was having trouble with Gabriel, or if it was something else.  He just seemed so unhappy, closed off.  Lexi and I had talked about this a few times and I figured she had a pretty good idea of what was wrong; she was just so intuitive like that.  She could see right through me, I’m sure.  Lexi and I had talked a few times about the session tonight, and I knew she was looking forward to it.  It had been a long time since Ethan had been Master Ethan with her, and I know that she missed it.  He was her first Dom, and was important in her life.  Even though she was in love with me, she would still enjoy submitting to him tonight.  Then, after the session, he and I would talk, as he wished.  I didn’t know what he wanted to discuss, but I’m sure whatever it was would be easier if we were both relaxed. Nothing relaxes you like a good hard session.  God, I loved my sessions with him when I was his sub.  I had really started to miss that lately.  I missed the emotional and physical release I always got submitting to him.

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