Hearts on Fire Reviews talks with David Pratt about “Looking After Joey”

Hearts: So there’s comedy and there’s drama in “Joey.” Is there romance?

David: Absolutely! “Joey” is not a traditional romance, but the main characters are all looking for love, and they all find it—or we can be pretty sure by the end that they will. The book also has a romance going with the city of New York, with Chelsea as an old-fashioned “gayborhood” where gay friends meet and mingle over wine or mimosas or go bar-hopping or go to gay bookstores. Those gay ghettos are beginning to disappear, but I grew up with them, and I love them. The Joey affair is Calvin’s and Peachy’s last caper in the gayborhood before they finally grow up. In the last chapter, the video store is replaced by a big box store, Joey and Doug are off on their own, and Calvin…well, you’ll have to read the book to see how it ends for Calvin. It’s sweet and romantic and funny, too

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