Men and the Romantic Novelists’ Association … Liam Livings

From Liam’s blog:

How are male writers welcomed within the RNA?

I’ve found two other male members of the RNA: Bill Spence, writing under the name of Jessica Blair, has 23 novels to her name, is more regularly borrowed from UK libraries than King or Le Carre, and was up for an award at the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards on 17 March. Andrew Shephard, who uses the pen name Robert Fanshaw, said, ‘The RNA is a useful source of information and contacts. I went to the conference in the summer and met loads of fantastic, experienced writers who made me feel very welcome. A man attending the Conference is in a small minority, but a shared interest counts for more than a shared gender.’

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  1. Liam Livings

    Hi, thanks for having me here and re-posting my blog!
    Great to be on the Wilde City blog.
    Liam xx

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