Rafe Haze opens up to Prism Book Alliance about his debut novel, The Next

What Rafe Haze says about “The Next:

The Next was my first novel. I knew what I was writing was raw. It punches the paunch with emotion. It was truthful to the extent of being offensive to some. It was dark. And it was sexual. Every valve in my heart, every glacially slow synapse in my cranium, every knot in my belly, and every pulse of my pecker was at red alert – waiting to be called to action by Intuition when the next crescendo, next allusion, next subtlety, next hyperbolism needed to fight its way from nothing to the page. Yet for all the readiness to attack, I also felt the most vulnerable. It was my first book, and I’d no support system – virtually or real – to toss a thumbs-up my way and counter Doubt and Insecurity…

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