Special Promo: Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour (Eric Arvin & TJ Klune) …. Kage Alan’s blog

From Kage Alan’s blog:

One thing you’ll notice about my blog is that I don’t do promo in the traditional sense. And by the traditional sense, I mean that I don’t feature guest authors with their bios and excerpts of their books. I don’t even do that for myself. Why? Well, it’s not relevant. Not today.

Authorette/friend/and overall incredible person J.P. Barnaby asked if I’d reconsider my stance and become part of a blog tour for some fellow authors who are experiencing some pretty serious medical issues. I’ve never met them, but I’ve always heard and continue to hear absolutely stellar things about Eric Arvin and TJ Kluen. So while they’re focusing on what they need to right now. a number of us are assisting with what we can based on J.P.’s leadership and direction; helping them promote their latest release.  I can’t think of a better reason to do this, so here we are and here you go. Please send Eric and TJ some healing thoughts and allow me to welcome you to today’s stop in the Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour and giveaway!

Read the full promo HERE

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