T.C. Blue Brings “The Butt Ninjas From Hell”, And There’s A Giveaway! …. The Novel Approach

TC Blue talks about her story, A Ninja Walks Into A Bar, that included in the Butt Ninjas From Hell Anthology.

Hi, all, and thanks for being here!

For those who don’t know me, I’m T.C. Blue, but please feel free to call me Tis (it rhymes with kiss *hee*), and I write gay romance, though usually of the novel-length variety.

My most recent venture into the world of fiction is my story A Ninja Walks Into A Bar, which appears in the Butt Ninjas From Hell anthology (coming soon from Wilde City Press).

Now, until just recently, I’ve mostly written contemporary gay romance, completely devoid of Hell or ninjas, so why in the world do I have a story in an anthology that includes both those things? Good question, right?

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