Who’s “The Next”? Rafe Haze Is And He’s Giving Away A Book …. The Novel Approach

Rafe, on The Novel Approach:

Rafe Haze here, rapping on my debut novel, The Next, hitting the public April 23rd. Those who’ve read The Next thus far have dubbed it “the gay Rear Window,” and they’re spot on. A man who is stuck in his Manhattan apartment gets to looking out his window and thinks he’s identified a gruesome crime across the courtyard. It’s less a whodunit and more of a suspenseful how’s-he-gonna-get-‘em plot, slathered with a large, creamy dollop of romance. The most dramatic difference is that the protagonist in The Next isn’t bound to his apartment by a broken leg in a cast, but rather by a self-induced, torturous psychological handcuffing, and the novel, of course, chronicles his journey to this freedom as much as the capturing of the bogey. The second biggest difference is that I don’t shy away from the eroticism. At all. Hawt hairy men abound.

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