Wilde City Press celebrates Gay History Month


According to Wikipedia: LGBT History Month originated in the United States and was first celebrated in 1994. It was founded by Missouri high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson.

There are so many stories that make up the LGBT community. Some fiction, so not. As much as we have come to love this fictional character or that perfect couple, there are real life stories that are unfolding everyday. Romance so sweet, sex so hot, and battles so inspiring that if we were to witness it all in person then nothing else would ever compare.

Sometimes the greatest moves forward have come at a heavy and miserable price. And as it appears that we might finally be on the brink of equal rights in many parts of the world, it is obvious that there is still a long way to go. Even now, though, it is hard to imagine a time when things were much, much worse.

To remember is key. To appreciate the success and failures, the sacrifices, the invention, and the generosity of others.

Please join us, Wilde City Press, WCP authors, respected bloggers and reviewers, in highlighting pioneers and milestones throughout the LGBT community. Posts will include a variety of topics sure to entertain and educate. See the schedule below and watch as more posts are added throughout the month. Feel free to seek out real life stories of your own and share them on your own social networking spaces … we would love to see what you discover.

October 01 – Elisa Rolle talks about Denmark being the first country to legally recognize same-sex couples
October 01 – Out & About Nashville discusses Owen Keehnan’s The LGBT Book of Days
October 02 – Eric Arvin talks about going to the Bisbee, Arizona’s Gay Pride celebration
October 02 – Clare London talks about seeing torch-bearer Chris Basiurski at the Olympics
October 03 – Wilde City Press talks about social media sites Wipe Out Homophobia and Wipe Out Transphobia
October 04 – Huffington Post spotlights 19 of their favorite LGBT comedians
October 05 – Huffington Post 3 Queer Events On October 5
October 05 – The Advocate.com spotlights Crawford Barton, lifestyle photographer and photjournalist
October 06 – On Top Down Under Book Reviews turns 1!
October 07 – Sara York talks about Peter Tatchell, Chad Griffin, Lt. Col. Victor J. Fehrenbach, and Mary Daly
October 07 – The Legacy Project honors Lorraine Hansberry
October 08 – Hank Edwards talk about Brian, John, and Mark – These Friends Of Mine
October 10 – Jon Michaelsen talks about The Outside Lounge Bombing, Atlanta 1997
October 11 – Jerry L Wheeler talks about what happens in an alley
October 14 – MANtastic Fiction talks about Glenn Burke, openly gay baseball player invents the High-Five
October 15 – Joyfully Jay talks about Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are
October 17 – The Novel Approach talks about Oscar Wilde
October 18 – Lloyd A Meeker talks about Brendan Burke, hockey player and You Can Play inspiration
October 21 – Barry Brennessel talks about the coffeehouse that first welcomed him out of the closet
October 22 – 3 Chicks After Dark talk about Dan Savage, Terry Miller, and the It Gets Better Project
October 23 – Owen Keehnan talks about Willem Arondeus, a Dutch Resistance Fighter against the Nazis, WWII
October 25 – Patrick Darcy talks about David Norris, Irish Senator and Gay Rights Activist
October 28 – Books Make Me Happy talks about Melissa Etheridge and Matthew Shepard
October 29 – Owen Keehnen talks about David Kato, A Ugandan LGBT Rights Activist

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