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Social Media is no joke. From a keyboard in Florida, I can talk to people in over 100 different countries. A person in England can post a picture or video that is seen by thousands in under an hour. And, like we just saw a few days ago in the case of Barilla pasta (OMG, did another CEO just say something so stupid?) …. when an injustice or need arises, millions can gear up to fight or unite in support in under 24 hours. In short, people get stuff done!

There are 2 sites that I’ve seen with a constant stream of current and reliable information.
Wipe Out Homophobia: Facebook / Twitter / youtube channel
Wipe Out Transphobia: Facebook / Twitter / youtube channel

With every post or tweet they reach hundred of thousand of subscribers … who then pass on the messages to their subscribers. Sometimes its something silly … a multi-layered cake receipe where all the layers are a different color in the rainbow. Cute, sure … I have a few different versions pinned on my pinterest boards. But for that young man or woman who sits down to dinner on their birthday and is presented one of these cakes by their family … it’s not just cute … it’s everything.

Whether it be an uplifting story about a same-sex couple going to the prom together, pride dates and locations from around the world, coming out stories, marriage proposals, resource links for those in need, or social and political issues like the ever-changing map in the United States detailing marriage and partnership rights, a hate crime being ignored or dismissed, the latest news coming out of Russia, and public LGBT and straight allies lending their name and influence to the cause … these, and other social media sites are on it. They spend hours searching the globe in order to collect and share as many stories as possible. News outlets, blogs/vlogs, subscriber submitted projects, other social media sites … everything is fair game. Everything to show that the entire LGBT experience is the human experience. And that we should all be paying attention.

As good as these sites may be, I’m sure there are others. Feel free to leave some of you favorite LGBT social media sites in the comments below so that we can all check them out too.

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