A Betting Man / A Marrying Man reviewed by World of Diversity Fiction

A Betting Man – “A good fast read that had great characters and laugh out loud moments. I did have to suspend any thoughts of this story being remotely close to real life but once I did that I had fun with it.” —- Monika, from World of Diversity Fiction, via goodreads

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A Marrying Man – “Suspending all my beliefs again in this story I found the story to be a funny (laugh out loud funny) sexy, sweet read. Spencer and Blaine felt right together to me. I could feel how much these two wanted to be together while they hid it from each other. I thought Spencer was a great character in A Betting Man and was hoping he would get his own story so I was thrilled this was his book. Blaine on the other hand was such a jerk in the previous book I couldn’t see how the author could ever make me like him or care what happens to him, but she does!” —- Monika from World of Diversity Fiction

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