Confessions Of A Gay Rugby Player #1 reviewed by Paige, a Reader

A Reader Submitted Review from Beverley

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Author Patrick Darcy has a gritty, yet humorous approach to storytelling which captures the reader’s attention from the first page.

Rugby playing Irishman, Conor, is on the hunt after battling for the prize of the Gay Rugby Word Cup, and Latino hottie, Tonio, is set firmly in his sights. Having copped a pounding on the field, Conor is ready to do some serious pounding of his own.

From bruising tackles to heaving dance floors, this book was well-written, highly erotic, and flowed with cheeky dialogue and witty prose which had me laughing out loud in parts. My favourite line…’Do I look sexy, or do I look like I’m having a stroke?’

Can’t wait to read more from this charming Paddy.

P.S. And I will never look at a hotel’s ice-machine the same way ever again!

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