GGR Reviews says “If you appreciate a book that is well written, researched, comical and full of life, then this is the book for you.”

GGR: Joey is quite crazy and funny. It seems like you must have had a good time creating all those situations and characters.

David: I love my characters! I love reading them aloud. Calvin is like me, so of course I love him. Peachy is kind of like my partner, so I love him, too. Joey is so sweet and giving and trusting, and Doug so decent and sure of himself, even in the presence of all the hip urban gay men, who he’s nothing like. I also love the “glitter characters.” Sir Desmond may be obsessed with “lads,” but by God he gets what he wants. Stuart may be loud and lecherous, but he’s wonderfully guileless and uninhibited, and he’s a decent man, planting trees in Israel and publishing Jeffrey’s and Melinda’s book. I do disapprove of Bunce, taking his insecurity and self-loathing out on others, but I also sympathize with him. I understand and sympathize with Fred, even though I don’t approve of how he once treated Calvin. I even sympathize with Jürgen, the only real villain in the book.

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