Good Mystery with a Paranormal Twist

Lynn of Mantastic writes…

This was a great sequel to Breathless. We get to follow Corey Shaw to another murder site, this time in D.C. I’m a sucker for murder mysteries and add in a hot investigator who’s also a paranormal sleuth, I’m all over it.

This story picks up around two months after the first book ends. We see Corey yet again called to a murder scene, this time it’s a young gay man named Aiden that has been killed. It was really hard to read some of the derogatory statements made by law enforcement officers. Those sentiments are carried over from the first book. It just made me mad. It made Corey mad too and I think that’s why I love his character so much. He’s going to squash those people and expose them for what they really are, and he’ll do it with a smile on his face.

Even though it’s not really explained how and why Corey has the powers he does – and I’m hoping at some point we get the backstory – for now, I’m just going along for the ride. He’s part of a bigger group of people who are Psionic officers who work in conjunction with the local police departments. He can get into the memories of people while he’s touching them, he can teleport from one city to another by just concentrating on where he needs to go. I loved how the author made this murder mystery just a little more interesting with a touch of paranormal. To me it was Corey’s uniqueness that has me hooked to this series

I loved the fast pace of this book, there was never a dull moment. It was a quick, to the point read with no useless fillers. All the information given was all that the reader needed to move this story along and keep it flowing smoothly. The secondary characters added their own dialog and colorful ness to the story, making it so much more fun to read. I’m not giving spoilers away by saying this, but the bad guy is someone that I suspected from the get go. At times I wasn’t too sure my guess was right. With all the twists and turns and the usual suspects, the author keeps us guessing all the way until the end.

As for Corey’s love life, well, he doesn’t really have one. Ethan, his ex who we met in the first book, is briefly mentioned here. Corey is living the life of a single man, with no problems in the sex department. My hope is for Corey to find his HEA. Will he ever find his one true love? Will he eventually get back with Ethan? We’ll just have to wait and see what Mr. Morgan has in store for him. For right now Corey is busy doing his job.

I recommend this to everyone who likes a good mystery with a paranormal twist.

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