Paradise At Main and Elm reviewed by On Top Down Under Book Reviews

“It is impossible to review this book in its entirety because there is so much going on, but it all ties into the lives of Adrian and Ezra now and prior. It is an ensemble cast with several character points of view. I remember thinking why the prospective new purchaser of a house on Main & Elm was involved in the story but Barry Brennessel shows us why – another piece added to the human condition, dysfunction of ‘Paradise.’  We are, as human beings, quite complex. If you don’t read any other part of this book, and I’m not sure why you would not read it, you have to read the stories a younger Adrian wrote at Pembrooke School for Boys. The kerfuffle it caused –  Barry Brennessel has short stories within the story to convey Adrian’s feelings, the way he vented - and the wonderful epistolary back and forth section of Chapter 8 Then sudden waxed wroth…is clever, biting and telling all at once.

Paradise at Main & Elm is a literary piece of writing, but it is easy to read and not the least bit pretentious or pompous. It is LGBTQ but at its heart is life and all its myriad difficulties.” —- Kazza K from On Top Down Under Book Reviews

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