Patrick Darcy interviewed, Confessions Of A Gay Rugby Player, #2 reviewed by Book Addict Mumma

“Holy hell was my kindle on fire …” Kristine from Book Addict Mumma

And from part 2 of the interview:

Is sex something people should reserve for someone special or something that should be fun and freeing?

Reserve sex? That really is a stupid idea! You just earned yourself a spanking. Now repeat after me while I spank you and pull your hair: I will not deny hotties my body! Silly woman! Are you feeling better, will I spank you again? I believe in free love, free sex, hot sex. Lots of sex, but always safe sex. Sorta. Sex is good. Have you tried it, it’s all the rage in Dublin!

(You’re a cheeky buggar Patrick Darcy!)

Read the full review and interview HERE

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