The Next reviewed by Funny Old Thing, Life

“I love Hitchcock’s rear window, whenever I am in New York walking on the street I often look up at the windows of apartment buildings and think that each lighted square is a story, and wonder what that story might be. “The Next” takes us on that journey,  but lets us imagine it without the cliche’d Hollywood romance. The love story here isn’t shoehorned into the plot, it develops quite naturally, unexpectedly even. The sexuality of the main character is never waved like rainbow flag in the reader’s face, but rather is treated as a development, instead of an event.” “Sounds like art imitating life if you ask me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book,  and  was surprised to learn it is Rafe Haze’s first published novel.  I look forward to see what he will write … next.” —- Dave from Funny Old Thing, Life

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